Soal Ulangan Umum B. Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 (Genap)

Soal Ulangan Umum Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 (Genap)


This is Kidzone, the new playground in town. It is not real city. It is a city for kids aged 13-12. There is a bank, a school, a hospital, a shop , a zoo, and a bus station. There are buses, ambulances, cars and trains too. In this city children learn about the adult world. They learn how to buy, to sell, to work, and to get money from work.

In kidzone, there are 70 different jobs. The children can try to be apolice officer, a bank teller, a fashion designer, a chef, a dancer, and many other jobs.

Hurry come over and visit kidzone!
Soal Ulangan Umum B. Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 2 (Genap)

I. Answer these questions!

  1. What is Kidzone?
  2. Is Kidzone a real city?
  3. The Kidzone is a city for….
  4. How many different jobs are in the kidzone?
  5. Have you ever gone to the Kidzone?

II. Read and write, “yes” or “no”!

  1. Kidzone is a real city _______
  2. In the Kidzone children learn about the adult world _______
  3. In the kidzone there are 30 different jobs _______
  4. Mom and dad can play in Kidzone _______
  5. They can get money in Kidzone _______

III. Choose the wright answer!

  1. I have …. To Kidzone
  2. I frever eat boil egg …. Fried egg
  3. Ranik goes to the …. To reads a book
  4. My mother is a nurse she works in the ...
  5. We need …. To meke a sweet brownies
  6. Paper, sticks, glue, thread, scissors and cutter are the materials to make…
  7. I like a glass of milk….. acup of tea
  8. I like this food it …. Good
  9. Dandi likes a bowl of…. Better than a plate of fried rice
  10. If you want to order the food, look up the….first
  11. ….. you help me, please? The toy is too hgh for me to reach
  12. “…. Barrow your handphone?” I want to tell my mother that I ll go home late”
  13. My mother ask me to stay at home. She says: “You …. Study hard”
  14. Let’s go to the …. I’am hungry
  15. The students wear …. on monday

III. Fill in the blank by the true answer!

  1. The students of SDINDA wear ….. on Wednesday
  2. The students of SDINDA wear scout uniform on…
  3. I …. fried chicken better than chicken satay
  4. …….. I go to the bathroom please?
  5. Translate in to English language : saya suka nasitumpeng _____________________________
  6. Mention the materials to make a kite!
  7. The ingredients to make sweet brownies are….
  8. Mentions 5 public places!
  9. How to make fried rice?
  10. Mentions 3 kinds of food and drinks!
  • Foods  :___________________ ,____________________ , ________________
  • Drinks :___________________ , ___________________ , _________________
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